Monday, October 30, 2006

Understanding the soul

As we describe the Journey of the Soul, we have reached Part 7 and in this part, once again an in-depth understanding of the Soul will be offered. It is important that unless and until a clear understanding of the Soul in every aspect is made known, any further description of the journey the Soul undertakes in this human world, will not help the reader grasp the significance of that journey.

The next part will begin a description of how the Soul should prepare itself to guarantee reaching Heavenly conditions in Paradise! But first, to know what is shared in this part is very important.

You are the Soul. You are traveling and that means that you, the Soul is using your body as a means to travel in this human dimension from the birth of the body until the body dies at the end of the journey. Have you not heard, “From dust you came and to dust you return"? In those days it was understood that you were the body and after leaving this dimension the body perished. Now we know that the body is not the real You. The real You is the Soul. Your body came from dust. At the end of the journey of the Soul, the body dies; goes back to dust, whilst the Soul continues its journey in another dimension. Therefore be aware of the Truth, that You will NOT die!

The Soul is an eternal entity. Why eternal? Eternal because it will not die. The body on the other hand will die. The body is a composed entity. The body dies and it decomposes.

The Soul is not a composed entity. The Soul is one single entity and therefore it does not decompose; it lives an eternal life.

At the time of death of the body, the soul disassociates itself from its link with the body. That is when the body composed of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs looses the bonding and energizing power that has been generated from the Soul.

Who decides when the Soul will disassociate from the body? Then we have to ask ourselves another question, “Who decides when you should enter this human world or human dimension?” We come into this world through birth from the womb-world of the mother when the destined time arrived. In the same way, when the destined time arrives for the Soul to end its journey in this world, it disassociates itself from the body and the body dies!

As the Soul, you had no knowledge when was the destined moment to begin your journey associated with the body in the womb of the mother and then arrive into this outside human world at the time of the birth of the body. In exactly the same manner you the Soul will not know when the time arrives to leave this human dimension to step forward into the next spiritual dimension.

You the Soul could not choose when to arrive in this human dimension. You the Soul also could not choose into which country, and amongst what particular race to arrive in this human dimension. Think about it!

The body of every human being originated from dust! The essence of every Soul originated from the One Creator! The origins of both the body (the earth) and the Soul (The Creator) of every human being is identical! The only difference is the uniqueness and the power and capacity endowed by the Creator. No two human beings, whether body or Soul are created identical. What could be the reason for this uniqueness? Could it be for the sake of uniqueness of function? May be!

All human beings belong to one body of mankind. In the body of a human being each and every cell in the human body has different allotted functions to perform to maintain the health of the body. It can therefore be reasoned that this could be the meaning of this uniqueness in the creation of human beings!

As the Soul continues to journey on the Highway of Life in this human dimension, more truths related to the body and Soul will be revealed. At the same time you will become aware of the Truth as to how to develop your soul, to reach Paradise!

Suffice it for the present to know and understand that since the Soul and that is you, upon arriving in this human world, could not exercise the choice to be associated with the body of a woman or a man, to arrive in any particular country on this planet, amongst any particular race, endowed with any quantum of intelligence, capacity or power, to now claim superiority or otherwise amongst the body of humankind, is sheer sacrilege!

Rather than spending time claiming or comparing about one’s endowment; the claim which in these days many in ignorance voice vehemently and that is, to be more superior than the other, it will be best to know and understand the purpose for which you the Soul is sent by The Creator to travel in this human dimension!

That you are an eternal spiritual entity; the Soul, using the body as a vehicle to travel in this human dimension for a prescribed period of time, you now know! You also know that this travel is for a specific purpose. What you do not know is what that purpose is! Many make statements about this purpose plucked out of their fertile imaginations to express vehemently that they know what that purpose is! Are they right? As the Soul continues to travel slowly and surely the meaning of that purpose will become very clear. The reader must be prepared to experience wonderment when the nature of the purpose is released for eyes to see and minds to understand!

This Part 7 will end with an episode that explains in a way the mind can understand, why the world we are living in, reflects so much confusion and why people are satisfied to live in the darkness of ignorance and not in the light of the knowledge of Truth!

This is how it happened. During the more than 40 years of research to want to know why the body of mankind we are living in, is being torn apart by all sorts of crimes, like wars, brutality, murder, rape, corruption etc., etc., mostly generated by all sorts of selfishness and prejudices; besides the intensive study that I have undertaken during this period, some answers are shown to me in dreams.

One night after prayer I had wanted to know why people do to others what they do not prefer others to do to themselves! Instead they are bent on accumulating by hook or crook, material riches as if they are going to enjoy its benefits for all time!

That night I had a dream! My office colleague had just shifted home and now stayed with his family next to my house. That morning I wanted some books to reach the office early. Just after I woke, I saw through the window my colleague entering his car to leave home. I wondered whether he was going to office early. Anyway I rushed out to ask him whether he was going to office so early and if so, will he take my books with him. By the time I reached him, he had started the car and was about to drive away. I asked him where he was going so early. Then what happened next, surprised me.

He stopped the car and looked at me, rubbing his balding head. For a while he stared at me and then answered, “Where am I going? I do not know where?” Wondering whether he was sick or having some memory problems I did not pursue further and then backed out thanking him. Immediately I came out of my sleep.

Now awake, I wondered whether this dream like many others constitute an answer to my question. Slowly it became very clear; the meaning of my dream.

Here was a man about to drive away without knowing where his destination is. The majority of the people in this world travel every moment of their lives and they are absolutely unaware where they are going to! They do not know that they are experiencing two forms of travel. One, their body is traveling. They are very aware of that and they also know that destination. That destination is to acquire as much material possessions. Tow they Soul is traveling. Do they know the destination of the travelling Soul? All they do is exist, not live! Had they known the purpose of their journey they will know where they are going to reach and for what purpose! They would have known how to read spiritual milestones and become responsible to guide themselves right to fulfill the purpose of their travel! If they do not know what is the purpose of their travel, they will be satisfied to go along with the crowd not caring where they reach!

This is one facet of knowledge the Soul must know. What is the purpose of your being created to live as a human being on planet earth?

In the next part, Part 8 as the Soul travels it will become aware of the purpose of its travel in this human dimension.

Until we meet again, here is wishing you the very best life can offer, as you act in right deeds to attract right bounties!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Part 6. Who am I?

We will share with you another facet of understanding of the Soul.  Next week the answer will focus one more time on another facet of understanding of the Soul, before dealing with the main question, How to develop the soul, in order to reach Paradise ?

During the past weeks in the installments we shared, with all the readers of this blog, a  rather prolonged explanation about the Soul had to be recorded, because unless and until a clear picture of the nature of the Soul is understood, it will not be possible to know why it is important that the Soul must be developed during this life first; living in this human dimension, to enable it to be attracted to reach its ultimate goal, and that is Paradise!

Every soul has been created to reach Paradise .  Do not doubt that! This is conditional upon the fact that the Soul must obey its Creator! The Soul has also been created with the power to make a choices and then act according to the choice made. The choice can reflect in deeds obedience to the Creator or disobedience. Disobedience to the instructions of the Creator will assuredly cause the Soul to walk a wrong Highway of Life and that will mean, being attracted to live an eternal life far, far away from Paradise !

The above statements are not statements to be taken lightly. It is not a statement born of imagination! It is a statement reflecting Truth! 

How come you may ask, the author of this blog know about the soul, Paradise , Hell, and The Almighty Creator! The answer is that the author cannot know on his own anything about the spiritual world. Has anyone gone to the spiritual world and returned to this world to describe it? No! Then how come this blog about the Journey of the Soul can be shared with great conviction?

The answer lies in the fact that this author had researched for more than 40 years of his life to know a truthful answer to  just one question he was searching for,  with so much of passion and dedication. The question? WHO AM I?

During his extensive research the author came across many more answers about the spiritual world. During the search, Truthful answers sprung forth from the original, true Texts  of the Prophets and Messengers of God. The many Luminaries of God; the Suns of God, also known as Prophets and Messengers of God were responsible for the birth one after the other, Age after Age, of an ever-advancing civilisation on planet earth! They revealed the Truth couched in the Word of God!

The author remembers clearly how in the beginning of his search, he began to read many so-called holy books of the various known popular religions. These books discouraged him. He  became so disheartened and he nearly gave up his search when he discovered the many different translations contradicting each other, the many differing claims made with feigned authority, the many different meanings of the very same truth espoused!  He decided not to give up! It was sheer patience, perserverance and persistence to unlock the mysteries of life that resulted in the author being empowered and inspired to continue his search!

Once again the author of this blog wish to emphasize the fact that the contents in The Journey of the Soul does  not belong to the him! The contents belong to the original Writings in the many Holy Books revealed by the past and present Propehts and Messengers of God. Their revealed Writings are a reflection of the Will of God!

Be assured that unless and until one is prepared to independently investigate to seek Truth, it will not be possible to know truthful answers. This blog is published as an assistance to all those inspired to want to know how to live a purposeful life before it is too late!

Think! Is there anything in this known world that has been created by God; The Almighty Creator, or by human beings, without a purpose? No! Every created thing is created to fulfil a purpose! Even the animals create their shelters for a purpose! What then is the purpose why human beings have been created? If one does not know the purpose why one has been created, it will be just like travelling and not knowing the destination! How can it be possible to undertake and fulfil any project or a task successfully, without knowing what is the goal of such an attempt? Only when one knows why one is travelling in this life; this invisible Highway of Life, will it be possible for that traveller to fulfil the purpose of ones creation!
How many in this world at this time know the truthful answer? Alas this is the mixed madding situation that is reflected in the lives of many people around the world! How sad!  How very sad! Horrible to even imagine, how our dear and innocent children are caught in this web of deceit and falsity!

To claim that one cannot know about the purpose why each one has been created as a human being, is not right. More especially in this age when every human being has been created with  greater powers for comprehension, greater capacity for understanding and more sophisticated modes of communication!

In matters dealing with spirituality this capacity and powers are not fully used. Instead, these capacities and powers are used to study and embrace physical and material life. Of couse this way of life is acceptable and noteworthy provided there is a balance! To walk with one leg the practical path and excel in it and with another the mystical path is the ideal way of life! But it has not happened! Why then do you think the world in this day is so lopsided; where people are living unbalanced life-styles that ultimately lead to living animalistic lives! People have become material giants and spiritual dwarfs? This, inspite of the fact that everyone is conscious that anything physical or material possessions will ultimately end at the grave! After that, what?

To claim that there is no way to know the Truth is wrong! Of course a major part of the blame should fall on the shoulders of those who claim leadership in matters spiritual, when in fact they are following the dictates of their own imagination and worshipping false idols!

The Truth is that the Creator has from time to time, Age to Age since from a beginning that has no beginning, made it possible for every Soul to know and understand the purpose of being created to live as a human being! In every Age He has sent his spiritual Sun, Appearing in subsequent Ages under different Names, to convey His spiritual light, His unerring guidance and His promises of protection to all souls He created. This loving bestowal and promises He has accomplished mainly for guiding the souls who have come from Him to live a short span of life in this material world. This to develop spiritual faculties and return to Him and the other reason is for the souls to use developed spiritual faculties to bring about an ever-advancing civilisation on planet earth!

A sincere and an open-minded study of the history of  the Coming and Going of His Suns, also known as Prophets and Messengers, will clearly indicate that a pattern has been set by the All-Knowing Creator!  It is His Revelations; through the Word of God, recorded in His Holy Books that  have been responsible for creating civilisations one after the other! We also know how a later civilisation superceeded the former one and how these civilisations appearing one after the other became ever-advancing in all aspects of human living, with the passage of time.

Every human being accustomed to use five senses to know, to believe in the seeing and sensing material world will of course find it difficult to believe in the invisible and unknown spiritual world. More so to know God Who being spiritual, invisible, unknowable, and incomprehensible! This fact should in no way negate any attempt to investigate spiritual reality, since the Loving Creator has given His loving children, His Suns, His Propehets, His Messengers, His Books and also created His creation; human beings, with the power and capacity to know Him and obey Him!
Thousands of years ago when the power and capacity to comprehend and understand spiritual verities were very feeble, it was through, stories, anecdotes, analogies and parables that His Messengers spoke in order to depict Truth to the people of those days! That was in those early days. But with the passage of time the Truth was reflected more and more clearly  in Their utterances. Unfortunately if there are those who in this enlightened Age still follow the Truth as revealed in those early days, it will be like using marbles now to add two million plus five million!

A few days ago I recieved through the internet an anecdote (source unknown), about a student searching to source a wise man who can enlighten him about  himself, about God, about Fate and about the Devil!

I have edited the script for better comprehension.

It goes like this: A young man who had gone overseas to study returned after a long time. When he returned he asked his parents to find him a religious scholar or any expert who can answer to his satisfaction his three questions. 

His parents after a long search introduced the son to a religious scholar.

Son: Who are you? Can you answer my questions?
Scholar:   God willing, I will be able to answer your questions.
Son: Are you sure? A lot of Professors and a lot of experts could not answer my questions.
Scholar:   I will try my best, with the help of God.
Son:  I have 3 questions to ask:
 1. Does God exist?
 2. What is Fate?
 3. If the Devil was created from fire, why is it that in the end he will be thrown into Hell which is also created from fire? It certainly will not hurt him at all, since the Devil and Hell are both created from fire? Did God think of it this far?

Suddenly the Scholar slapped the Son on his face very hard. (The Son winced in pain)

Son: Why are you angry with me? Why did you slap me?
Scholar:   I am not angry with you. The slap is my answer to your three questions!
Son: What? I do not understand
Scholar:   How do you feel after I slapped you?
Son:  Of course I felt pain! (Rubbing on his cheek)
Scholar:   So, do you believe that pain exists?
Son:  Oh! Yes.
Scholar:   Show me the shape of pain?
Son: I cannot.
Scholar:   That is my first answer. All of us feel the existence of God, without being able to see His shape...and questions about God! Last night did you dream that you will be slapped by me today?
Son: No!
Scholar:   That is fate. That is my second answer. The hand that slapped you: what is it created from?
Son: It is created from flesh
Scholar:   How about your face. What is it created from?
Son: Flesh!
Scholar:   That is it!  This is my third answer. Even if the Devil and also Hell were created from Fire. If God wants, the Hell will also become a very painful place for the Devil.

In order to assist in visualising, comprehending, and understanding of hidden, unknown Truth, story-telling was one of the methods used in those days. Even now it is being used for many other reasons especially with children who lack experiential understanding. The corruption of Truth happens when such stories and parables which are used only to assist in visualising and imagining probabilities in real life-situations are interpreted as real, as truth!

In the next installment Part 7, one more attempt will be made to crystallise an understanding of the Soul. After that in the following weeks answers will reflect the methodology as to how to develop the Soul in this life, to enable the Soul to be attracted to reach Paradise and live there eternally!
Is this not the goal we should aspire to reach?

Part 5. The traveling soul

In this installment, a more in-depth understanding of the Soul will be shared. These later installments are related to one of many questions, asked by a participant who attended an Inter-Faith talk, titled Journey of the Soul.

Last week a reader of this blog telephoned me and wanted to know why journey of the soul. He was wondering whether Journey meant travelling and if so, how was the soul travelling and to where? This is an investigative question.
In this installment besides sharing more understanding as to how to prepare and develop the soul in this life if it is to reach and live eternally in Paradise, the meaning of journey will be mentioned in some detail.

It is true! You are a soul. As a soul you are a a traveller in this life. Any traveller must know where one has come from and where that one is going to. Every soul associated with the human body is a traveller in this life; in this human dimension. Every soul in this human dimension arrived here after it has finished travelling with a developing body while in the womb-world of the mother. The travel in the womb-world lasted about nine months plus or minus. That travelling began from conception. Conception began when the ovum met the sperm. This union brought about the formation of a zygote. This zygote as it travelled through time, in the womb-world of the mother progressively developed into a foetus, then into a child.

The second part of the journey of the soul begins when the body of the child enters this human dimension. This part of the jouney of the soul will last until the body dies!

When the body dies, the soul that has been travelling associated with thebody, will then disassociate itself and begin its eternal travel in the spiritual world.

The body which is the physical entity of a human being and a vehicle for the soul dies at the end of its journey in this human dimension. The soul which is the spiritual entity of a human being and which is immortal, disassociates from the body-vehicle and enters the spiritual world, to begin its eternal travel there.

There is a purpose why the soul is travelling, firstly in the womb-world of the mother, secondly in this human world, and thirdly in the eternal spiritual world. The purpose for which the soul, travels in the womb-world is to energise the moulding of a developing human body-vehicle because the soul will need such a visible vehicle to travel in this visible material world.

The purpose why the soul is travelling with the human body-vehicle in this human dimension, is to experience by choice and in deeds the development of its spiritual faculties. This the soul does, to enable it to reach, to serve God, and live eternally in heavenly conditions in the spiritual world.

The purpose of the eternal journey of the soul in the spiritual world, is to use its developed spiritual faculties as it is drawn nearer to God, and submitting to His Will, empowers the manifestation of a divine civilisation of planet earth.

To be nearer to God is a condition of existence. It is not a place. The word Heaven used in the past revelations was mistakenly understood as a place. Imagination ran wild and interpretation broke the bounds of rationality to describe Heaven in such a way that not being in Heaven was tantamount to be living in eternal remorse; in Hell.

The soul associated with the body-vehicle is travelling all the time. Travelling through time and space. Travelling through acquisition of knowledge. Travelling around as the planet whirls on its axis. Travelling round the orbit of the sun. It is travelling forward all the time.

Meet any traveller and the questions you will ask the person is: Where are you from? Where are you going? As you become more friendly, you ask: What is the purpose of your travel? Why are you going there? Every traveller will know how to answer these questions. Only someone who is deranged perahaps, will not know what is the purpose of the travel!

Beguiled by believing that you the soul is the body, and so you are material only and that your main concern in this life should be to reach material excellence, no matter what, the lifestyle that follows results in living a life worse than that of animals .In the animal kingdom there is no prejudice because of difference in the color of the skin, because of gender difference, because of species difference etc. In the human world, all manner of prejudices have become the cause of wars, crimes, and tragic sufferings! All these intolerable situations can be attributed to a human being not aware of the true reality that gives human life a purposefullnes for existence! Unless and until such an ignorance which is related to not knowing who one is, is completely eradicated from minds, will it be posible to usher in unity, peace, prosperity and happiness of mankind!

Now you know that you; the soul, is a traveller in this human existence. Where have you come from? You have come from God, the Almighty Creator of all that exists in the universe. Where were you before you appeared in this world? You the soul was associated with the body of the growing child in the womb-world of your mother. For how long did you travel in the world of the womb of your mother? You travelled in the womb of your mother for a period of time of about nine months. What was the purpose of your travelling in the womb of your mother? You were travelling in the womb of your mother in order to energise the development of your body What were you energising and why? You were energising the development of your body in the womb-world of your mother. You were energising the development of your body so that the body will develop body-faculties in order to be useful to you when you and your body leaves the womb-world. What body-faculties? You were energising the development of body-faculties like eyes, nose, ears, limbs, organs, brain etc. What was the need for you to develop a body in the womb-world? The reason why you developed a body is to use it as a vehicle to travel in the next (in this) human, material, seeing world, from birth to the death of your body! Why a seeing body? You are an unseen spiritual soul and so you needed a seeing material body! Can your body develop any body-faculties in the human world? No that is not possible. Your body in the seeing human world can only grow what has been developed in the womb-world of the mother. What example can impress the reality of growth and development? Take for example the eyes. The eyes must first develop in the womb-world, before your body enters this human world. If the eyes have not developed in the womb-world, you will enter this world blind. Even if you become a king or a queen you will still be a blind king or queen. You will then remain blind until the body ends its journey in this human world!

How can this question and answer session help us to reach Paradise? In truth you are now in the womb world of this planet earth, in this human dimension. It is only for a temporary period that you will live in this human dimension. Your eternal life will be when you leave this temporary existence and enter the spiritual world.

Your life in this human dimension can be compared to the nine months plus or minus period in the womb world of the mother. In the womb world of your mother you prepared your body to develop body-faculties for the purpose of travelling in this human world. Now in this human world you the soul, must develop spiritual faculties in order to live eternally nearer to God; in Paradise! Following the trend in the question and answer session you will know how important it is to develop you the soul, before you enter the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there is no developemnt of the soul. In the spiritual world, it is an eternal journey; a journey with what the soul has developed here in this life. Since there is no further development of soul faculties once the soul leaves this human world, it is very important for the soul to choose to develop spiritual faculties NOW, during its journey in this human world!

Justice which stands on two pillars. The two pillars are that of reward and punishment. These two dictate the fact that if the soul has developed spiritual faculties it will be rewarded. On the other hand if the soul has not developed spiritual faculties, it will assuredly attract punishment and this punishment will be to exist eternally in a lower state, that of Hell!

It is indeed a frightening thought. It is not a thought that is thrust upon any individual. This Truth has always existed for any individual who chooses to want to know! This Truth has been manifested with so much of love for the good of all the chldren of God! But if these children (Every human being) have made a choices, not to want to know anything else (Their true self) but only that which is material, (Body, Wealth, Power), the blame for wrong choices cannot be attributed to the Almighty Creator!

No one is perfect. No one will leave this world perfect. There are so many imperfections in all of us. It is the imperfections that when recognised must motivate the self to make corrections. Ours the duty to know the self, to know what is right and what is wrong and to daily mould the self to indulge in what is right; right in thoughts, words, and deeds!

Dear reader, everything that is shared with you have been resarched for more than 40 years in an independent search for the Truth. These are not ideas of the author of this blog. The author is only a channel passionately dedicating the rest of his life, to share the Truth, to make the body of mankind free from all kinds of spiritual diseases, so that when the time comes our children and unborn future generations can inherit a better world as a gift from all of us living during these testing times! May our hopes and prayers cause to attract bountiful blessings from On High, in order to empower all of us, guide all of us, inspire all of us, and protect all of us while we spend the fast disappearing time span allocated to each and every human being; time to know our self and in deeds involve in a methodology to develop our selves in order to be attracted the moment we enter the spiritual world, to live eternally in Paradise!

In the next installment: We will continue to explore more about the soul and the conditions to be met to enable the soul to travel along the right Highway of Life, to reach and enter the spiritual world to live there eternally nearer to God!

Part 4. The soul in this life continued...

This installment will continue sharing answers to the question: You mentioned in your talk that the soul must be prepared in this life to live eternally in Paradise . How to prepare? Please explain. 
Before continuing Part 2 answers, the followng is a request to those who have reached this blog recently. It will be of assistance to new readers to start reading from Welcome, Part 1, Part2 etc. (The links are found on the right-hand side of the page)
In the last installment Part 3, some relevant facts dealing with the Journey of the Soul was made clear. The installment ended with the fact that the soul comes into the human dimension as a seed (as a seed of a fruiting or flowering tree) This statement about a seed and the potential within it, is an analogy to better describe the likeness of soul-qualities and the seed-qualities of any seed in the vegetable world.
At this juncture it will be beneficial to receive an in-depth understanding of the Journey of the Soul, by recapitulating some facts mentioned in the early installments.
You are a soul; a spiritual reality. You have come from the spiritual world; from the Creator. You have been sent to this human dimension to develop spiritual virtues before you return to the spiritual world. If you have chosen to develop the potential attributes of the Creator, which are spiritual values or virtues, while travelling in this human dimension, you will assuredly reach to spend an eternal life in Paradise .
Nothing that is created by the Almighty Creator in the universe have been created with the power of choice; to choose what to do. Only the soul of a human being has been given this power; the power to make choices. This means that only a soul created in the image of God, besides having the power to make many other choices that have to be made, can either choose to live to obey his Creator or to disobey Him! This is an awsome responsibility! This power to make choices bestowed upon the soul by the Creator, the Creator will not take back! Therefore the soul of a human being cannot revert to God for any good or bad that the soul experiences in this human life! How can it be? The Creator through His Mesengers or Prophets has from Age to Age sent to mankind in all parts of this planet , laws, principles and ordinances for His creation. The soul has been empowered with the capacity to read, to know, to understand, and transform such undersanding into action in its daily living. The onus of responsibility to either obey or disobey the Creator falls squarely on the choices the soul makes!
In one of the earliest Scriptures sent by the Creator, the soul has been described as a rider and the body as a horse. The horse in this case is likened to the human body which the soul uses as a vehicle to choose to travel along the Highway of Life, which leads to Paradise . The soul which is the rider, will have to choose to ride along the Highway of Life by obeying the commandments of the Creator or else choose to go wherever the horse goes.
The soul is a divine entity. The horse is an animal with animalistic tendencies. The horse is incapable of knowing what is good for the soul. The horse will only do what it is instinctively programmed to do so. The soul on the other hand has the power to know what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not to do to ensure a safe along a right passage back to the spiritual world and live eternally in Paradise.
Should the soul give up its divinely ordained responsibilities while travelling in this world and expect the horse to guide it along to wherever the horse wants to go, for sure the soul will only  do what the horse wants it to do! In this case the soul becomes the slave, and the horse its master! How sad! What a shame! When this happens the soul comes to live a life worse than that of an animal!
Do we need a clever scientist, distinguished scholars or a need to indulge in vast and expensive research to want to know why in the world today, human beings are living out their lives worse than an animal?  There is only one and only one answer! These pitiable human beings have become slaves to the animalistic craving desires of their bodies. These people living with a body similar to animals, and in addition, gifted with a power to think, ideate and create unlike the animals, have become more animalistic than animals! Are these people travelling along the true Highway of Life?
Therefore I wish to congratulate you for asking this question: You mentioned in your talk that the soul must be prepared in this life to live eternally in Paradise . How to prepare? Please explain.
If you had not asked this searching question, many who are the readers of this blog, would not have had the opportunity to know, to see the Truth without any intervening veils of false knowledge. They would have known about the need for the soul to be prepared to enter the spiritual world and live eternally in Paradise !
Know this! You are truly a spiritual reality! You are a soul created in the image of the Almighty Creator. You are created a spiritual child. You belong to the spiritual world. You are expected to gravitate towards the spiritual world. Do not let your body drag you down; to gravitate downwards to the material world; towards dust! Be a master of your body. Your body is only a tool which you use; a tool with animal instincts, animal-like sensory organs. Use this tool; your body wisely. Do not let the body and its animal wants use you! Do not surrender your divinity! Be vigilant! The siren call from all manner of temptations will seduce you. Be aware and be careful that you do not surrender your divine birthright!
Before discussing any further the pre-requsites that can prepare the soul to gain entry into Paradise , it will be of benefit to know at this juncture the meaning of Justice.
Justice is an institution that stands on two pillars. One pillar is Rewards and the other is Punishment.  In every facet of life both in this material world and in the next, the aura of justice must be protected, upheld and practised. In the material world a criterion to evaluate justice in action is obedience to laws that flow from recognised authority.
In the spiritual world which is the eternal abode of the soul, the law of the Creator must be obeyed in deeds in order to attract justice.
Every other entity in creation unconditionally obeys the law of the Creator. The physical sun for example, has been shining from the begining of time and it will continue to shine because of its obedience to the law of God. Its purpose is to shine while generating its life-giving, warmth-giving, growth-promoting rays. The physical sun cannot disobey the Creator! The physical sun has no power to do otherwise! Justice here is unconditional. The earth travels around the physical sun once in three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter days. It has always kept this schedule. It cannot opt for a round number of days! It is a law of the Creator! It cannot go against the will of the Creator. This is again an example of unconditional justice.
The soul too must also obey the law of the Creator is order to reap the fruits of justice. But in the case of the soul, this spiritual entity has been given the power of choice. Using this power of choice the soul can either obey or disobey the Creator. When the soul lives a life obeying the laws of the Creator, it will earn rewards and live heareafter an immortal life in Paradise . On the other hand when a soul uses its power of choice to disobey the Creator, it will then have to reap Punishments and be consigned to live hereafter in Hell! This is the essence of Justice!
In the next installment the question about how the soul should be prepared to live eternally in Paradise will be discussed further.


Part 3. The soul in this life...

Question:You mentioned in your talk that the soul must be prepared in this life to live eternally in Paradise . How to prepare? Please explain.

Yes! The soul must develop spiritual virtues in this life, here on planet earth, living as a human being in the human dimension, before it returns to the spiritual world to live eternally in Paradise . The necessity to develop spiritual virtues before the soul can reach and continue to live in Paradise , is a law of the Creator. the Creator is also known as God. This is a commandment found in all the Holy Books revealed by the Prophets and Messengers of God! No human being can question what has been ordained by the Creator.

In this letter and following it, and every week hereafter an attempt will be made to spell out in detail the answer to your illuminating question. After you read this Week-3 -Part 1 letter and the letters to follow, be assured that you will have no doubt from thence on that unless the soul in this life develops spiritual values before the death of the body-vehicle, that soul can never ever enjoy the joy and bliss of living eternally in Paradise!

The soul is a spiritual creation. The soul is invisible to the material eyes of a human being.  The soul is an emanation from its Creator, just like the rays of the physical sun is an emanation from it.  This emanation can also be described in this manner. Imagine the soul as a drop emanating from the Ocean of vibrations which make up the Creator. Just as a drop from the physical ocean has all the qualities and mixture of that ocean, in like manner the soul has within its composition all the attributes or spiritual values of the Creator.

Yet another example will make the relationship between the soul and the Creator much more clearer. A fruiting tree, appears from a seed of that variety. First the seed dies before the seedling appears. The seedling then grows into a tree. The tree then bears leaves, flowers and fruits. The fruit within it has its seed. This seed then continues to propagate the tree from which it originated. All the time the seed has within it potentially latent all the characteristics of the tree from which it originated!

Just as the seed is part of the tree, so the soul is part of the Creator. Just as the seed has within it all the characteristics of the fruiting tree, so the soul too has all the attributes of the Creator. These attributes or virtues of the Creator are all latent and potential within the soul.

A seed in order to fulfil the purpose of its creation has to undergo certain processes before the potential within it unfolds to bring about flowers and fruits. In the same manner the soul too will have to undergo certain processes before the virtues latent within it can be developed and manifested. Thus the soul fulfills the purpose of its creation.

In my years of research I have found it is easy to comprehend the spiritual soul to the physical seed. This is an easy way to enable seekers to visualise the progress of the soul, during its journey along the prescribed Highway of Life, in order to reach and live eternally in Paradise !

To remind the readers, your questions was: You mentioned in your talk that the soul must be prepared in this life to live eternally in Paradise . How to prepare? Please explain.

We have arrived at a consensus that when we compare the workings the visible physical seed to the invisible spiritual soul; this comparison will assist in describing, to understand the nature of the invisible soul.

In this way, the answer to your question as to how the soul must be prepared to reach and live eternally in Paradise can be made easily understandable.

To recapitulate: Every human being living in this human world in the human dimension has collectively experienced three worlds. The human body has experienced two worlds and the human soul three worlds. The human body has experienced firstly the world of the womb of the mother and secondly this the present human world. The soul has experienced the spiritual world from where it originated, next the womb-world of the mother and now the soul is experiencing this human world.

The physical seed is an indirect creation of the tree from which it originated

The soul originated directly from the Almighy Creator

The seed has within it potentially all the qualities of the tree

The soul has within it potentially all the attributes of the Creator; God.

The physical seed must be sown  in a fertile soil and exposed to the physical sun.

The soul must be sown in a non-prejudiced heart and exposed the the Spiritual Sun of the Age.

The physical seed within a process animated by the vegetable spirit, gives birth to the seedling.

The soul too within a process animated by the human spirit gives birth to the Spirit of Faith

The physical seed which is now a seedling grows to become a trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

The soul following a process is now re-born into the Spirit of Faith. The re-born soul then progresses to develop spiritual virtues and ends up as a spiritual fruit. It is the spiritual fruit that finds itself in Paradise . All these have to happen while the body is still living in this world. In this world the re-born soul develops virtues, and manifests in deeds amongst mankind the attributes of its Creator. Only that soul, which is sown and grows in a non-prejudiced heart, is re-born as a Spirit of Faith. The re-born soul then recognises and understands the Teachings of God revealed through His Manifestation or Educator for this age. This re-born soul, living in deeds in obedience to the Teachings contributes as a change-agent to bring about a body of mankind living in unity, peace, prosperity and happiness!

Part 4. We will continue to describe how the soul will have to be prepared in this life to enable it to continue to live eternally in Paradise .

Part 2. Religious Strife

Question: Why are religions as we now know, fighting each other? Why are they prejudiced against each other? Why are the laws of one religion not the same as another? This cannot be, if it is true that all religions have come from One God?

You have mentioned in your question, and I suppose you believe in God, that if all religions have come from God, why is there so much of tragic sufferings within the body of humankind. You also wanted to know why, if all religions have come from God, why are there differing laws in religious teachings.

You must be congratulated for asking such questions and that shows that you are seriously investigating to know about God and His religion. One of the main reason why this world is undergoing so much suffering, is because human beings have shied away from the question: Who am I? It is only when  a human being sincerely, and independently investigate the knowledge of God, can one arrive at a truthful answer to the question: Who am I? How many do that? That is the reason why I congratulate you, because you want to know about God!

You are right. In this day in the name of religion there is so much widespread disunity, so much killing of human beings, so much prejudices, so much hurting and so much tragic happenings! Who are the ones suffering the most? Human beings like each and every one of us!

If religion is the cause of such pain and suffering, dont you think it is better to live without religion? The Truth is that no one can live to fulfil the purpose of creation, if one does not practice a  true Religion!

Therefore let us investigate Religion! Religion is a teaching from God!  If it is God, Who revealed Religion, then it must be of great importance for His Creation; human beings, to know about it! Religion should be the cause of unity of its followers. That is the most important attribute of a true Religion from God! It is this unity that will give rise to a stable and enduring, peace and prosperity amongst mankind!

If Religion is revealed to human beings, to unite the followers, why should it be a reason to cause disunity?  The fault cannot be from the Teachings of God!  Assuredly not! Then whose fault could that be? When we investigate impartially, we will discover that the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of  those who lead the followers in the name of God! These leaders are not proclaiming the true Teachings of God! They are proclaiming what they think is right teaching. They have interpreted the true Teachings according to their capacity to understand!  Therefore the followers without even the least imagination accept as Truth whatever they are told by these leaders and in the end the followers practice and perpetrate deeds that are completely far from Truth! Therein lies the tragedy!

To recapitulate: Religion is a teaching from God. This teaching is sent as a guide to His children; human beings. If human beings recognise His Teachings, study, understand, and in deeds obey the laws and principles within the Teachings, they will bring about unity, peace and prosperity and are assured to go back to God in Paradise . If on the other hand, human beings do not independently investigate to want to know, who one is, for what purpose one is created, and how to relate oneself to another human being, for sure, that human being will end his or her journey in this human dimension to find himself  or herself  arriving at a wrong destination in the next spiritual world!

The next part of your question:Why are the laws of one religion not the same as another? This cannot be, if  it is true that all religions have come from One God?

This is a very searching question. Just because you have asked such a question, you will indeed be blessed, because the truthful answer to this question will assuredly benefit hundreds of readers of this e-mail.

The soul of every human being is sent by God, to travel in this material world, to be immersed in Spiritual Education, in order to develop spiritual virtues  before it ends its journey in this human dimension, upon the death of the body-vehicle. In this process souls collectively all over the world also become part of empowering an ever-advancing civilisation on planet earth.

Souls have to be educated to become part of this process and this education is provided by God, through His Prophets or Messengers, Who are also known as Educators! Mankind has evolved on planet earth from a time that has no beginning and will continue to do so until a time that has no end. These Educators appear amongst mankind from time to time between a thousand years or more and sometime even less.

Mankind as we now know was not living the kind of life, that people hundreds or thousands of years ago lived. At that time the body of mankind was in its infancy. At that time mankind could not have percieved this planet as a globe and as one home for all. At that time, when the generality of mankind considered the planet to be flat, they could not have ventured out for any distance for fear that they will reach a precipice. At that time travel and communication were in its most primitive stage. At that time if God had wished to share His ediucation He could not have sent only One Educator for the whole world,  At that time, God sent many Educators to many parts of the globe to reach and educate people living in isoltaed areas.

An impartial study of the evolution of mankind on planet earth will reveal that as time passed the family unit, progressed to family grouping, which in turn progressed to tribal grouping, and with the passage of time to village-state grouping, then to national grouping, in this age the education to bring about an ever-advancing civilisation on planet earth must be relevant to global grouping! Each of the conditions of living of people at the time of the coming of the Educators, necessitated special levels of laws and principles to enable a practical impetus to aid and assist in the progressively advancing evolution of civilisation.

>From the earliest days, mankind evolved from the child stage, then to youth stage, then to adolescence stage and now in this age, mankind is reaching the mature adult stage. At each stage of evolution the Educator Who appears, reveals the Teachings  from God suitable for that particular time!

Take for example UNITY. Unity is so vital an ingredient before peace, prosperity and happiness of mankind can be achieved. Even the laws for varying levels of unity  as a pre-requisite to fulfil the purpose of creation of the individual, from the beginning of time differed in each of the Teachings of God.

Thousands of years ago, the Educator revealed the importance of family unity. After hundreds of years the Educator Who appeared at that time, and Who witnessed the coming together of families into tribes, revealed how to achieve tribal unity.  Then followed village-state unity. Following this teaching on unity, the time came for national unity. In this day, it is imperative that global unity consciousness must pervade the minds of people to enable global unity, to bring about global peace, prosperity and happiness!

At the same time differing Social Laws are also revealed with regards to marriage and divorce, punishment for criminal acts etc. All these differences in Social Laws are to suit differing living conditions!

Religious Teachings which encompass both Spiritual Laws which do not change, and Social Laws which change to suit conditions of living,  at the time when the Educator appears, does not necessarily mean that one Religion of God has differing laws at one time!  

It is now apparent as clear as the sun, that One God, revealed One Book of Religion with many chapters and each chapter, appearing at different times amongst different peoples on planet earth living under different conditions during the appearence of the Educator had been given different laws suitable for that particular time; this, in order to promote an ever-advancing civilisation! 

Whatever differing laws were revealed from time to time, the end-result was for those willing and wanting to obey The Creator, follow in deeds these differing Social Laws in order to collectively achieve a progressively advancing civilisation, with unity of mankind as its foundation.

Dear participant, this is the clever question you e-mailed to me; Why are the laws of one religion not the same as another? This cannot be, if  it is true that all religions have come from One God? The answer given in this e-mail, will perhaps want you to study how in the Plan of God sent through His Educators, God has initiated progressive and differing Social Laws in religion, to suit the living conditions of the people at that time of the appearance of the Educator and also to promote to bring about an ever-advancing civilisation on planet earth.

Next week, the following question will receive an answer:
You mentioned in your talk that the soul must be prepared in this life to live eternally in Paradise . How to prepare? Please explain.

Part 1. And the journey begins...

To all participants at the talk, “Journey of the Soul”

As from this week, I pray that I will begin to answer your questions and despatch it to you via e-mail. I wish to thank our dear Mr. P.K. Moorthy of Pure Life Society for encouraging me to do this. He also very kindly promised that he will assist in despatching the e-mails to you.

The world is not a happy world in this day! The body of mankind is being inflicted with all manner of diseases that is slowly weakening the pillars of human dignity. That members of human society have eagerly come to be members of inter-faith societies all over the world is a happy sign and let us pray and hope that our little contribution towards unity amongst ourselves, will reverberate to encompass the hearts of all mankind!

Question: You talked about the soul. From where did you get your facts. Was it from any religious books?

Answer: From a time, that has no beginning unil a time that has no end, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen in the universe will communicate with human beings whom He adresses as His children. Not just his children but His loving children, created in His own image! Human parents are responsible to attract their children into this human dimension. Will these parents not look after and nurture their children? Of course they will! How much more will be the concern of the Creator!

The Creator will assuredly look after His children. He has given assurance of this promise! Being Omniscient, He will walk with His children every moment of their life, whether living in this world or the next!

In my talk, I had categorically proved that every human being, is both; a physical being, the body and a spiritual being; the soul. In truth every human being is truly an invisible soul traveling in this seeing material world with a visible body! The spiritual world is an invisible world. God is invisible and also unknowable. The soul has come from God. How then is it possible for an unknown, invisible God to communicate with His creation; the soul which is traveling in this material seeing dimension? He created the soul, because He loved his creation. He will surely want to guide the soul, protect the soul, and empower the souls’ progress in this world because He wishes that His creation return to Him!

How does God the invisible, unknown entity; the Creator comunicate with the soul?

This he does through His Prophets and Messengers. The Prophets and Messengers of God; Who are outworldy just like any human being, but inwardly a Divine Soul, are His Spokesmen in this human world. When these Divine Spokesmen, speak, it is God Who speaks through Them. The Words they utter are known as the Word of God. It is the Word of God that is left behind after these Gems of Holiness leave this human material world. Their Word is then compiled and it is this Compilation that begets a true Religion of God.

The Religion of God in all true religions of the past and the present very categorically teach about the soul, the mind, and the body. The Teachings about this subject do not vary from the Truth, but it varies in the manner it is revealed to those around Them. These Truths are given to their immediate followers according to the capacity of their receptivity. With the passage of time and when subsequent Prophets and Messengers from God appear, the very same Truth is then revealed in a more clear manner!

It is after more than 40 years of research and study of all the available and known Holy Books of all religions that I have come to know about the soul and its relation to the mind and body! How else could I know who I am? I now know that I am a soul traveling as a human being in this material human dimension; traveling fron birth to death of the body. I know that I am an invisible entity. traveling in this visible material human world. I know I am a spiritual invisible being and I need a visible vehicle (my body) to travel in this visible world; the material world.

Had I not studied as many true Holy Books of God of the past and present; Books that gave rise to true religion, how else could I have known about who I am and about the soul, the mind, and the body?

My answer is this; yes, I have gathered facts  about the soul of a human being,  from true religion; from the true Holy Books of God sent down from Age to Age,through His Prophets and Messengers.

For your kind information dear participants, I have as of now received 31 questions which I have recorded. I have decided to answer one question every week. This e-mail is my first answer to the first question. The answers for the other questions will be sent to you by e-mail. Should you know of any in your family and amongst your friends with whom you would like to share these answers, kindly forward this e-mail answers to them. They can then contact me. This will enable me to in future send to them directly my weekly mail with answers, with your compliments.

Next week, I will answer this question:
Question: Why are religions as we now know, fighting each other? Why are they prejudiced against each other? Why are the laws of one religion not the same as another? This cannot be, if it is true that all religions have come from One and the same God.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Welcome and About the Author

Welcome to this Blog, Journey of the Soul

There is a small history behind the writing of this blog.

I had been invited to speak at an Inter-Faith Seminar in July 2006 held at the Pure Life Society, Kuala Lumpur. The subject was The Journey of the Soul. After the talk, many participants asked questions related to the subject and also questions not related to the subject.

Insufficient time did not permit all the questions to be answered. It was then decided after consulting with Mr. P.K. Moorthy, of Pure Life Society who was mainly responsible for organizing this talk, that answers to questions that could not be answered, could be e-mailed to the participants. He promised that he will offer the services of the Pure Life Society office to dispatch the e-mailed answers.

Thus began the history of the coming into existence of this blog dealing with the Journey of the Soul.

The author is happy to note that soon after posting this blog on the internet, many readers including the participants of the talk and many more to whom this blog address was forwarded to by friends who found the script of this blog interesting, began to ask over the telephone, through e-mail, many questions with regard to the Soul, its relationship to the body, the place from where it originated, the purpose of its travel in this human dimension, the means by which it should be developed to find a place in Paradise, etc.

Happy reading.

In His loving service

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For 15 years he travelled to many countries, searching, studying, researching the latest in alternative therapy. His goal has been to manage and combat degenerative diseases, without the use of medicines, surgery, herbs, massages, accupuncture, etc. He is also fully aware of the fact that the bodies of human beings in this day, need adequate supply of synergestically formulated bio-available nutrients.

In betweeen his international travelling he also earned the accolade of being the top network marketeer in the world and his record stands unbeatable in this day!

Early in his medical practice he was aware that it is the body that has an in-built mechanism which can cause to heal itself. This natural in-built mechanism of the body with the passage of time, becomes overwhelmed by the many environmental pollutants. Together with the intake of chemically formulated medications that bring about degenerative and chronic side-effects, the body becomes helpless to combat diseases on its own.

The feeling of being youthful depends upon the quantum of energy the body can generate under natural conditions. This has been a topic of great interest to Dr. Sreeni. Therefore it was only natural for him to wind up his international travelling, and remain in Malaysia to enthusiastically promote the right alternate therapy that can assist the body to generate energy.

In his regular Saturday talks within the premises of his centre; to educate the public about the latest discoveries used, to maintain a youthful and a healthy body until the end, Dr. Sreeni has often stated,: The days when mainstream treatments were the main choice of huge segments of population to turn to, when they become ill; these forms of treatment, are in this day becoming less popular. Humanity in general has begun to realise that it is natural alternative treatment dealing with energising the body to heal itself, to feel to look and act youthful that is an ideal alternative. The majority of people of the world will depend upon this form of treatment in the future. That is why I am now passionately promoting energy-generating therapies. If the energy generating therapy deals with directly reaching and interacting with the cells of the body, that will be the ideal process to pursue and depend upon.

Dr. Sreeni practices a unique approach when dealing with the many problems affecting the body. His approach is holistic in that he deals not only with the body, but also with the mind, soul and spirit that is closely associated with the body’s level of health, of every human being. To listen to his talks related to the make up of a human being travelling in this life, is indeed a treat and many who had the privelege to hear him will never forget those precious moments spent with him and listening to his talks unfolding the mysteries of life and living.

Future historians will glorify the contributions of Dr. Sreeni as he exerts to make this world a better home dedicated to promoting unity, peace, prosperity and happiness so that our children and unborn generations can one day happily inherit such an ideal place under the sun!

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